Protecting Your Assets Before Or After Marriage

If you are getting married, drafting a premarital agreement can protect you from unpleasant surprises should the marriage end in divorce. While no one plans for divorce, you can plan to avoid unintended consequences of divorce.

An experienced attorney at Better Plans in Seattle, Washington, will help you draft an agreement that is enforceable. We also draft postnuptial agreements for people who are already married.

Usefulness Of Prenuptial Agreements As Protection

While not everyone needs a prenuptial agreement, it can protect important assets such as savings, stock options and real estate. Even assets you owned prior to your marriage can become marital property, depending on what you do with the assets during your marriage. A prenuptial agreement can also protect the financial interests of any children you have from a first marriage if you are getting married a second time.

If you have given up your career for the sake of family life, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that you will receive appropriate compensation should your marriage end.

Why Would I Want A Postnuptial Agreement?

Some couples choose to draft agreements during their marriage to avoid the cost and stress of dividing assets during divorce. Reaching an agreement will be easier while you and your spouse have open lines of communication.

A postnuptial agreement can also protect one party from debts the other party incurs during the marriage.

For More Information About Prenups Or Postnups

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