Why Everybody Should Have A Will

Many people think of a will as a document you will need only far into your future. The truth is that everyone who wants to decide who should administer their estate, receive their property and raise their minor children in the event of death should have a will. If you don't make these decisions, someone else will.

A lawyer at Better Plans south of downtown Seattle can help you assess your goals and create a will as part of your estate plan.

The Importance Of A Will For A Washington State Resident

The No. 1 reason you should have a will is to avoid intestacy. Intestacy laws in the state of Washington outline how the court will distribute your assets and to whom they will grant delegation over your estate. If you die without a will, the intestacy laws will also determine who will inherit your assets. The court will appoint someone to administer your estate.

Benefits Of Having A Will

You should have a will so that you can appoint a personal administrator (also known as an executor) of your choice. This trusted person will carry out your wishes when it comes to distributing your belongings.

In addition to deciding who should receive your property, your will can determine when they should receive it. Without a will, your children will receive their entire inheritance at age 18. If you have a blended family, your will can protect the interests of your children.

Your will can also name a guardian for your children if you and your spouse both die.

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