I Already Created My Estate Plan. Why Would I Need To Change It?

After you create an estate plan, it should be reviewed and revised when life changes occur.

It is common for people to create an estate plan and then forget about it. When this happens, it may allow for people who are no longer in your life to receive your property when you die. New people in your life may not receive anything because they are not included in your will. You may have important assets that are not mentioned in your will.

Before the unexpected happens, update your estate plan in Washington with one of the attorneys at Better Plans.

Knowing When To Update Your Estate Plan

You should update your estate plan every three to five years or when:

  • You get married, divorced or remarried.
  • You accumulate new assets.
  • There is a significant increase or decrease in income.
  • Children are born or adopted into the family.
  • You need to add or modify a guardian or trustee.
  • You need to add or modify beneficiaries.
  • Someone named in your plan is deceased or incapacitated.
  • You or your spouse develops a serious health condition.
  • You retire.

Our Lawyers Care About What You Want To Protect

At Better Plans in Seattle, we work one on one with our clients to create and modify plans that meets our clients' needs. It is important to us to help you understand your plan for your estate and the matters regarding your assets.

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