Are You In A Committed Intimate Relationship?

If so, your partner may have a community interest in your assets, just as if you were married.

The state of Washington recognizes a committed intimate relationship as a marriage even though you have not gone through the formalities of marriage. This means that your partner may be entitled to community property rights if the relationship ends. To protect important assets such as real estate, stocks and savings, you should consult with a lawyer to create a cohabitation agreement.

At Better Plans in Seattle, our lawyers draft cohabitation agreements for unmarried partners, as well as prenuptial agreements for people who are getting married.

The Benefits Of A Cohabitation Agreement For Your Committed Intimate Relationship

If you and your partner have decided to live together, a cohabitation agreement can help you establish certain rights such as:

  • Financial support during the relationship
  • The division of assets in a breakup
  • Protection of assets in a breakup
  • Financial protection if your partner dies
  • Health care coverage

Consult With One Of Our Attorneys

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